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~ ~ September 20th ~ ~
Our Headliner:
~ ~ What happened this week... ~ ~
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From the pen of our Head Honcho and Houseband Bassist - Terry Duggan:

A slight increase in the number of Jammers and an even bigger increase in the number of Listeners here this week. All were warmly entertained by our houseband guest Andy Robinson travelling all the way from the outer reaches of Essex - Frinton-On-Sea in fact. It's always good to see Andy here and, being the true hard-working musician he is, we can always be guaranteed to hear a very accomplished performance from him. For some unknown reason the houseband set got off to a rather late start - just as well we had an easily manageable 13 Jammers here this week.

Andy's opening number was a good ol' rocking Mickey Jupp number titled "Cheque Book" which kicked along nicely, although from where I was sitting I couldn't quite hear the lyrics and changes. No such problem with the Dr Feelgood rendition of "Down At The Doctors". Andy decided to ease up on his third choice of number by playing the slow Blues "So Many Roads", but I was particularly pleased when he heeded my request to play JJ Cale's "Sensitive Kind" - I've heard quite a few versions of this particular number, but Andy's arrangement ranks as one of the best! To wrap up a great first set, Andy bowed out with a lively "Tore Down" before making way for our Jammers waiting in the wings.

We were almost guaranteed to see Andy back on stage at the end of the night and were hoping to hear at least two numbers, but as luck would have it we found ourselves with only 10 minutes to spare, so instead of squeezing in two last tunes, Andy opted to play an extended version of "Shake Your Money Maker", much to everyone's enjoyment. Our thanks to Andy Robinson for yet another super performance. Needless to say, we'll very much look forward to seeing him back here as houseband guest!

Backed by the houseband, our first jam-set was headed by Simon Durham, but both John Edmonds and I found ourselves struggling to follow his first number, "Darling Won't You Come Back To Me", which, although a good tune, wasn't really what you'd call core Blues repertoire. Hence the advice we give to all our jammers on our FYI page - "Stick to the Blues and keep it simple" - but good to see you enjoying yourself anyway, Simon!

It's always a treat to see Phil Hughes here at the C&H. Phil led the second jam-set accompanied by guitarists Kevin O'Brien and my ex-band mate Alan Taylor. Good to see bassist Chris Lafbury back here after a few week's absence and once again Reg Patten was drumming throughout the night.

Another ex-band mate of mine who made it here tonight was guitarist Kevin Molyneux, who featured on the third jam-set headed by Jan Fielder ably supported by guitarist Chris Greene, Mark Fairey on bass and "ITMA" - It's That Man Again - Reg Patten.

Mark Sibley was sorely missed last week, so it was good to see him back here fronting the fourth jam-set accompanied by guitarist Ray Miller, bass-player Mark Fairey and of course Reg. But what a pleasure it was for us all to see Andy Robinson's star pupil and wonder-guitarist Joe Zuccala, whose talents far exceed his tender age! Enormous credit must surely go to Andy Robinson's tutelage and his nurturing of such an amazing prospect.

The vocals on the final jam-set were shared between MC John Edmonds and Phil Hughes. They were joined by you-know-who on drums, Chris Lafbury on bass, and a big welcome back to guitarist Dan Smith after such a long absence!

This small but much-appreciated number of Jammers certainly played their part in another great evening's entertainment. Time, I think, to call...

The Roll Of Honour:

  • Vocals - Jan Fielder
  • Gtr+Vocals - Simon Durham and John Edmonds
  • Harp+Vocals - Mark Sibley
  • Sax+Vocals - Phil Hughes
  • Guitar - Alan Taylor, Kevin O'Brien, Kevin Molyneux, Chris Greene, Ray Miller, Joe Zuccala and Dan Smith
  • Bass - Chris Lafbury, Mark Fairey and Terry Duggan
  • Drums - Reg Patten

Ernie King's videos can be seen on his YouTube channel "slomo947" (below left). The videos for our own C&H YouTube channel (below centre) will be uploaded slightly later than usual owing to John Edmonds' busier than usual schedule this week, as will be the mp3s.

This week's batch of photos are by courtesy of Chris Lafbury.
My thanks to Ernie King for setting the equipment on stage before my arrival. Added thanks to Ken Coates for helping to pack it all away at the end of the night. Last but not least, my thanks to Mrs D for arranging all the jam sets.

A very special message to one of our ever-popular Jammers and frequent houseband guests, Steve Green, who is undergoing some intensive treatment and has been in and out of hospital over the past few weeks. Get well soon, Steve: we send you our best wishes and hope to see you back here at the Coach & Horses soon - love to Helena too!

Next week's houseband guest:

Please arrive early next week to see and hear one of the finest Boogie-Woogie pianists around in the shape of Jamie Rowan - a great entertainer, definitely not to be missed!

Something For The Weekend:

On Saturday 23rd September at The Manor Arms, 150 East India Dock Road, E14 0BP. Ronnie Collins' Last Project guest will be Keith Richmond who will be playing 60's-onwards classic tunes. The fun and games run from 3.00pm until 6.00pm. Free entry at this friendly little pub.

Thanking all our Jammers and Listeners,


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Andy Robinson [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Andy Robinson [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Andy Robinson [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Andy Robinson [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Simon Durham [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Simon Durham [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Phil Hughes [Sax+Vocals] / Alan Taylor and Kevin O'Brien [Gtrs] / Chris Lafbury [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Phil Hughes [Sax+Vocals] / Alan Taylor and Kevin O'Brien [Gtrs] / Chris Lafbury [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Kevin Molyneux and Chris Greene [Gtrs] / Mark Fairey [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Kevin Molyneux and Chris Greene [Gtrs] / Mark Fairey [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Mark Sibley [Harp+Vocals] / Ray Miller and Joe Zuccola [Gtrs] / Mark Fairey [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Mark Sibley [Harp+Vocals] / Ray Miller and Joe Zuccola [Gtrs] / Mark Fairey [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
John Edmonds [Gtr+Vocals] / Phil Hughes [Sax] / Dan Smith [Gtr] / Chris Lafbury [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Phil Hughes [Sax+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Dan Smith [Gtr] / Chris Lafbury [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
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