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~ ~ January 17th ~ ~
Our Headliner:
~ ~ What happened this week... ~ ~
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From the pen of our Head Honcho and Houseband Bassist - Terry Duggan:

A much better attendance of Jammers and Listeners this week saw Steve Monk making his debut as houseband guest, which certainly more than compensated for the previous week's poor attendance - although Steve did attract several of his "Kentish" musician friends who travelled up for the occasion - that's assuming they were from the west side of the Medway, but whether they were "Kentish Men" or "Men Of Kent" I'm sure their journey was well rewarded.

I had been looking forward to sharing the stage with Steve, especially after previewing his very eclectic set-list. Unfortunately for me and through unforeseen circumstances I was unable to give them the full attention they required when running through them during the late afternoon, but his opening two numbers "Hoochie Coochie Man" and "Born Under A Bad Sign" presented no problems, unlike "Badge" which, it's fair to say, suffered a slight communication problem - but as I always say, it is a jam in every sense. Steve's fourth choice was a Steve Winwood/Eric Clapton version of "Little Wing" played in the key of F#, which took several bars to get the hang of. One number that has become quite popular at the C&H is J.J.Cale's "Magnolia" - needless to say, an excellent rendition from Steve Monk and well supported by MC John Edmonds and Reg Patten! Despite a few little glitches, Steve's opening set was a joy to take part in, all the more reason why I was looking forward to seeing him back on stage at the end of the night.

Steve's final three numbers at the end of an excellent night of jamming included "Albatross" - surely the first time that particular number has been played here, but Steve sent us on our way home with a lively rendition of "Before You Accuse Me". Our thanks to Steve Monk for two great sets that were a delight. We'll certainly invite you again as houseband guest - and hopefully we'll play those other numbers that were originally on your set-list!

Last week we had only two vocalists' names on the signing-in sheet. This week we were blessed with six, but in reality it was five because our "sixth" vocalist Max Edwards arrived after all the others had been allocated their respective jam-sets, but with only two bassists here this week I was more than pleased to see Max playing bass on Matt Withey's jam-set accompanied by guitarist Richard Stenhouse and houseband drummer Reg Patten - the latter having dried himself off after being drowned by a near-full pint of lager accidentally knocked over by me in the opening houseband set - and not for the first time over the past few weeks I have to admit - and yes, I do have a drink problem!

Besides seeing "Kentish Man" Matt Withey, it was good to see two more Kentish men in the shape of Mike Dearing and Atheesan, the latter of whom featured on both Mike's set and also on Jan Fielder's set.

Great to see Phil Hughes back here and bringing along his saxophone, but as soon as I found out he had also brought his chromatic harp I eagerly awaited to hear him singing his self-penned number "Dead Man Walking" - and still we have to wait for the definitive recording!

The bravery award of the week must go to Simon Durham for performing "Mustang Sally", which is considered to be a "no-no" at Blues jams, but I wasn't going to argue with him - he's bigger than me - but surprisingly it was well received by our Jammers and Listeners, so well done Simon, and well done to all our Jammers who produced some noteworthy performances. Time to call...

The Roll Of Honour:

  • Vocals - Jan Fielder
  • Gtr+Vocals - Simon Durham, Matt Withey and Mike Dearing
  • Sax, Harp+Vocals - Phil Hughes
  • Guitar - John Edmonds, Chris Greene, Kevin O'Brien, Atheesan, Gary Browning and Richard Stenhouse
  • Bass - Gus Denton, Chris Lafbury, Max Edwards and Terry Duggan
  • Drums - Bryan Wall and Reg Patten

Ernie King's videos can now be seen on his YouTube channel (below left), but there will be slight delay regarding the uploading of videos to the Coach & Horses YouTube channel (below centre). A fine crop of mp3s has been loaded into the Audio Player by our webmaster Ken Cumberlidge.

As always, my personal thanks to Ernie King for setting out the equipment. Thanks also to Richard Stenhouse for packing it all away at the end of a busy night.

This week's photos were taken by Vera who also found time to arrange all the jam-sets.

Next Week:

It's always good to see beaming smiles here at the C&H and there'll be no shortage of them next week when Jimmy 'C' will be guesting with the houseband - it goes without saying, there'll be no shortage of entertainment either!

Something For The Weekend:

It seems there's cause for celebration every week at The Manor Arms, but on Saturday afternoon on 20th January there'll be non-stop entertainment when one of our regulars (Christine) will be celebrating her birthday with the help of Dave Heggs who will be guesting with Ronnie Collins' Last Project. Fun and games run from 3pm til 6pm. The address: 150 East India Dock Road, E14 0BP.

And finally...

A reminder for those who knew Steve Green who so sadly passed away on Christmas Day.
Steve's funeral will take place at Enfield Crematorium, Great Cambridge Road, EN1 4DS on January 25th at 3pm. Most mourners will meet up afterwards at The Woodbine Pub, Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3QT

Thanking All Our Jammers and Listeners,


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Steve Monk [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Steve Monk [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Steve Monk [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Steve Monk [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Steve Monk [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Simon Durham [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Simon Durham [Gtr+Vocals] / John Edmonds [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Phil Hughes [Sax+Vocals] / Chris Greene and Kevin O'Brien [Gtrs] / Gus Denton [Bass] / Bryan Wall [Drums]
Phil Hughes [Harp+Vocals] / Chris Greene and Kevin O'Brien [Gtrs] / Gus Denton [Bass] / Bryan Wall [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Gary Browning and Atheesan [Gtrs] / Chris Lafbury [Bass] / Bryan Wall [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Gary Browning and Atheesan [Gtrs] / Chris Lafbury [Bass] / Bryan Wall [Drums]
Matt Withey [Gtr+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Max Edwards [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Matt Withey [Gtr+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Max Edwards [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Mike Dearing [Gtr+Vocals] / Atheesan [Gtr] / Gus Denton [Bass] / Bryan Wall [Drums]
Mike Dearing [Gtr+Vocals] / Atheesan [Gtr] / Gus Denton [Bass] / Bryan Wall [Drums]
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